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Earthquakes Chapter.19

Mahogony Hunter

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1.Sections of active faults that havent experinced signicant earthquakes for a long period of time. (2 Words)
4.Based on the size of the largest seismic waves generated by the quake. (2 Words)
7.Amount of energy released during an earthquake is measured.
8.Or P waves, squeeze and pull rocks in the same direction along which the waves are traveling.
9.Resulting fracture or system or fractures, along which movement occurs.
11.Third types of seismic wave that over in two directions as they pass through rock.
2.S waves, cause rocks to move at right angles in relation to the direction of the waves.
3.Record produced by a seismometer that can provide individual tracking of each type of seismic waves.
5.Deformation of materials in response to stress.
6.Instrument used to measure horizontal or vertical motion during an earthquake.
10.Forces per unit area acting on a material, exceeds the strength of the rocks involved.

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