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Common Core Definitions--Language Arts

Mrs. Haley and Mrs. Farris

Read the definitions from the Common Core Standards in Language Arts. Then, place the correct word into the puzzle, and make sure all spelling is correct.

1         2       3 4
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    10               11          
14     15       16        
  18                       19  
21                       22        
  23 24                  
  25           26          
28           29              

1.The name of a person, thing, or animal in a story, poem, book, play, or movie
5.The beginning of a story when characters are introduced
6.The word that would show a location, direction, or a moment of time
10.When the problems in the story are being solved (2 Words)
12.A category used to classify forms of literature
13.The most intense point of a plot...the audience is "hooked"
16.The central message; or a repeated idea that is incorporated throughout a written work
17.A composition written in verse or stanzas that often uses rhythm or rhyme
18.The repetition of initial consonant sounds in accented syllables
21.Writing that should not be used because it is in the incorrect form (2 Words)
22.A narrative, either real or imaginary, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the audience
24.The final outcome of a plot
25.Language spoken or written according to rules of English (2 Words)
27.The time and place of a literary work
28.A written work that tells a story through action or speech and is meant to be acted out
29.Comparing two unlike things without using the words "like" or "as"
2.The final sentence or section in a written piece (2 Words)
3.The part of a story when problems begin occuring and becoming more intense (2 Words)
4.The similarities between two or more items
7.Information that shows, proves, or gives reasons for making a judgment
8.The word for a belief based on thoughts or feelings, rather than on facts
9.The formation of a word from a sound
11.A statement or assertion presented as fact; an opinion with three reasons to support it
14.The pattern of the lines in a poem (2 Words)
15.The word that means the opposite between two or more items
19.The plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work
20.Words, phrases, or clauses that connect or move ideas from one subject to another
23.A group of lines that makes up a verse of a poem or song
26.A comparison of one thing to another using the word "like" or "as"

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