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French-English Christmas Crossword, answer it well! Need to know the answers? You'll be put on the Naughty list! Enjoy!

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1.Rymes with Jolly (in English), and is a plant that has red berries.
3.You wear them on top of your head.
7.Santa uses them to pull his sleigh.
8.What object helps you go down a snowy hill?
14.Striped Candy, normally with a minty flavour.
15.A fat man that comes down your chimney only on one night a year.
16.Not something from the Christmas Holiday, but it is part of another holdiay.
17.Something that is a symbol of Christmas, and can be real or fake.
18.You put this on your door, as a decoration.
19.You use this to make you hair neat.
2.Something that has a carrot nose, coal buttons, and a hat and scarf.
4.People send them to you at Christmas, through the Mail.
5.A necessary piece of hockey eqiupment.
6.Goes on top of a tree sometimes.
9.Decoration on a Christmas tree.
10.You wear them on your hands for warmth.
11.You wear them on your feet to keep them warm.
12.You hang them up to get small gifts inside of them.
13.Children get them as presents sometimes.
14.What you put on Christmas's trees to make them look pretty.

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