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Art & Design Crossword Puzzle

1   2   3     4 5
  6 7                        
8               9              
10                     11            
13 14                
        15 16  
    21               22 23        
24                     25
    26 27        

1.Complement of orange
3.Flat pancake-like piece of clay
7.Known as the blank space around objects.
8.This type of composition occurs when movement, variety, contrast, repetition, and unity are used thoughtfully.
9.Strong differences in light/dark, cool/warm
10.The same on both sides
11.Arrangement to create stability
14.Mixing clay by hand
19.Value scale of one color
21.The first people to create Illuminated Letters
22.Used when you make a mistake
24.The use of color, lines, shapes, etc... over and over again.
27.An enclosed 2-D space
28.Purple, Orange, Green
2.A sense of wholeness in artwork
4.Long-nosed masks were used to protect from what illness in the Middle Ages?
5.This painter was well known for his large abstract splatter paintings.
6.Watercolor technique in which value of a color is created by only using water and paint.
12.Red, Blue, Yellow
13.Tool used to create a window of what you will draw.
15.Machine that mixes clay
16.Design or treatment on a surface you can feel.
17.Correct spacing/size
18.The ____ changes when you add black/white to a color.
20.Type of art that does not represent or depict a person, place or thing in the natural world
23.The empire that fell at the start of the Middle Ages
25.The complement of green
26.Appears 3-D and encloses volume
27.The glue of clay

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