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Canada + WW 1

1 2
    3 4 5
6               7   8            
        9             10
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        19 20     21 22
  24   25                          
      27             28     29
        30         31          
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41         42             43              
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        48     49        
    50             51          
52               53
      54   55            
56                           57          

6.a type of poison gas
8.empire that included Turkey
9.he pulled the trigger to start WW1
11.Canada's top general
13.One of two ships Canada bought from Britain
15.Canada's training base in Quebec
18.Liberal Opposition leader during WW1
23.shelter in a front line trench
25.a mental disorder soldiers suffered
26.what Austria-Hungary issued to Serbia to begin the war
27.The Final _______ Days
30.Top British general
31.Canada's ace pilot of the war
32.Britain's new big powerful + fast battleship
35.Canada's Minister of Militia
36.mandatory participation in a war
37.a group of ships travelling together
40.condition developed with wet feet
41.sign of Germany's consent for Austria to attack Serbia
43.enemy____ - spies thought to be living in Canada
45.city where the peace talks were held
46.one of the M.A.I.N. causes of WW1
48.Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia
50.owning many colonies
52.Royal Air Force, short form
55.replaced the men, who fought, in factories
56.Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
57.capital city of Austria-Hungary
58.capital city of Canada
1.personification of Britain
2.armed conflict between nations
3.Franz-______ killed in 1914
4.a hand thrown bomb
5.site of an explosion when 2 ships crashed
7.ceasefire or stop fighting
10.war prisoner
12.voluntarily join the army
14.French Canadian opposed to the war
15.loan to the government to help pay for the war
16.what lay between the trenches
17.Canada's big victory, April 1917
19.German general who planned the attack on France
20.small bugs that were in clothing + hair
22.Canada's faulty rifle
24.site of the 1914 assassination
28.rapid fire killing device
29.Canada's WW1 Prime Minister
33.France, Britain, Russia
34.passenger ship sunk by Germany
38.site of France's bloodiest battle of the war
39.where poison gas was first used
42.when many thought the war would end
44.number of points in Wilson's peace plan
47.1916 battle that exemplified senseless slaughter
49.German word for king
51.capital of Great Britain
53.new mobile armoured weapon of WW1
54.entered the war in 1917

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