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Post World War 2 Canada

1 2 3 4   5     6    
    8   9                
11         12                         13  
15 16   17           18 19          
        20               21              
23             24        
  29                       30            
33                 34 35              
36 37                 38                      
  39             40  
    41     42
  43 44           45                       46 47
  49 50     51         52          
53           54 55                   56

4.A competition between two or more nations for military supremacy
7.New housing developments away from the city centre
9.Maurice Richard is better known as _____
11.Singer who was Canada's teen heart throb, Paul ----
12.Teen-adult difference of opinion
16.the post war population explosion
20.American civil rights leader killed April 1968
22.Trans-Canada Ai Lines got a new name in 1965
26.it was the third James Bond Film
27.The United States' economic plan for rebuilding Western Europe
28.Canada got a new one of these in 1964
29.The American's U2 was one of these
30.The A in the A-Bomb
31.Alberta town where the oil boom began
33.He exposed a North American spy ring in Ottawa, 1945
34.Mary Quant designed this head turning short skirt in 1963
37.The women Canadian soldiers married in Europe during WW2
38.The last province to join Confederation
39.Tensions between the USA and USSR, 1945-1990
43.They started the British invasion
45.popular teen music of this time period
48.US President 1945-1953
49.He was killed on November 22, 1963
51.Canada's Prime Minister throughout most of the 1950's
53.Dance made popular by Chubby Checker
54.Immigrants Canada did not want before or after the war
57.Israeli athelete were killed by the PLO at these Olympic Games, 1972
58.Tommy Douglas became this party's first leader in 1961
59.Canada's 15th Prime Minister, 1968-1979
60.North American Air Defense Command, for short
1.This country tried to kick out the Soviets in 1956
2.Leader of the Cuban revolution
3.Britain's new monarch in 1953
5.Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk here in 1969
6.Philadelphia based TV show popularized rock+roll music
8.French Canada's drive to get rid of English domination
10.Record label promoting popular Black music from Detroit
13.1950's high school dance
14.The instrument which revolutionized pop music
15.They last won the Stanley Cup in 1967
17.It separated East and West portions of the German capital
18.some Canadians had these built into their basements
19.To become culturally more like the United States
21.A new in home entertainment device
23.White, mid-calf high footwear for sylish 1960's women
24.Rolling Stones said, I can't get no......
25.Jeans that rang in the 60's
32.This govenment policy ensured all Canadian would be healthy
35.It separated eastern and western Europe
36.It was a Canadian designed super modern jet fighter
40.He won the Nobel Peace Prize by solving the Suez Crisis
41.Name for the Feminist Movement
42.Asian war of the 60's
44.Rock singer from Tupilo, Mississippi
46.Long time Soviet leader who died in 1953
47.North Atlantic Treaty Organization
50.French Canadian terrorist organization
52.Immigrants fleeing persecution, injustice and false imprisonment
55.World's Fair in Montreal, 1967
56.This country went communist in 1945

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