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Cimorelli crossword

Ashley Cimorelli

Cimorelli crossword for CimFams :)

1   2   3
4           5     6            
7 8             9  
10 11                       12
  14 15             16      
18               19           20          
24                   25  
26             27        
28                 29

1.Christina's favourite cover
4.The oldest of the sisters
6.Amy's favourite style of music
8.Dani's favourite food
11.A social network used by all the girls, but especially Lisa, where she can answer the craziest questions with even crazier answers
13.The second oldest of the sisters
15.The second youngest of the sisters
16.The company that ran the It Can Wait campaign, which the girls dedicated 4 videos to
17.The third oldest of the sisters
18.The first original song (with all 6 sisters)
20.A favourite past-time of Katherine's, which has also helped write songs
21.Cimorelli have collaorated with ______ for 2 parodys
23.The _______________ show, run by Lauren and Dani before Dani joined the band
24.A town in California, where the girls used to live
26.The website Cimorelli's cover of Party in the USA was posted to, getting the girls 20,000 views overnight
27.A favourite food of Lisa's
28.One of Lauren's favourite things
30.The first cover that featured Dani
31.The first song to have a music video, and to be posted on VEVO
2.The only boyfriend of any of the girls
3.The third youngest of the sisters
5.The record company Cimorelli are signed to
6.Commonly baked by Katherine, especially chocolate chip
7.A favourite animal of Lisa's
9.The first cover done by the girls, and the first viral video
10.The name of Cimorelli's fanbase, the ______
12.The first original song
14.@cimorelliband, a social network frequently used by the girls
19.A "signature" headpiece of Lauren's
22.How the girls describe the CimFam
25.Christina's favourite snack
29.The youngest of the sisters

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