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2 3   4     5
6         7              
9 10         11                        
  12     13    
14                 15   16                
    17       18          
20               21                    
          22   23              
24             25              
            27   28
      30         31                
32 33               34
35                             36                
  37             38     39     40          
41 42     43              
44       45                          
46                           47        
    49                 50                
  51 52   53    
57       58            

4.gift to the Baby Jesus
6.6th reindeer
7.Santa's 8th reindeer
10.5th reindeer
11.pie after Christmas dinner
14.hung by the fireplace to be filled by Santa
16.Santa lives here
17.the number of Santa's reindeer
19.ringing on every street corner
20.Merry Christmas in Hawaiian
23.They pull Santa's sleigh
24.songs we sing at Christmas
26.Given on the fifth day of Christmas
29.the bed where Jesus lay
30.Merry Christmas in Chinese
35.we bring it in the house and decorate it with lights & ornaments
36.3rd reindeer
37.reindeer with a red nose
39.little town where Jesus was born
42.eight of them a milking
45.merry Christmas in Spanish
46.symbol of a shepherds staff
47.precious oil gift to the Christ Child
49.we ride to grandma's house in this
54.Santa's 1st reindeer
55.the day before Christmas
56.seven of them a-swimming
57.Mother of baby Jesus
58.where Jesus was born
59.It is the Christmas bird
1.it's French for Christmas
2.eleven of them a-piping
3.early carol sung with guitar in German
5.twelve of them drumming
8.angels told them to seek the Christ child
9.who wears boots and a suit of red
12.it's where Santa lands his sleigh
13.European name for Santa
15.People who believe in Christ
18.two of them
21.Merry Christmas in Japanese
22.we all love to eat it
23.bright Christmas color
25.ten of them a-leaping
27.tasty houses made to eat
28.Three of them
31.2nd reindeer
32.4th reindeer
33.it led the wise men to the baby
34.how Santa enters the house
38.Christmas color
40.Deck the halls with boughs of...
41.Merry Christmas in Swedish
43.7th reindeer
44.In a pear tree
48.couples kiss underneath it's boughs
50.the Christmas plant
51.he was made of snow
52.six of them a -laying
53.started the tradition of gift giving

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