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Math Vocabulary

Dave Glynn

1 2 3
5     6          
7         8       9  
  12                   13 14    
      15                   16  
18                           19
20 21                        
22           23                      
  24 25               26  
29     30 31          
    32     33  
34             35   36 37              

4.5 and -5 are ______
6.the letters representing the order of operations
7.the answer to dividing two numbers
10.method of solving a quadratic equation
12.the value you get that is always non-negative
14.the answer to adding two numbers
15.2 and 1/2 are _____
18.three term expression
20.the first set of numbers you learned
22.multiplying, dividing, adding and subtraction are what kind of operations
23.what you call a number in front of a variable
24.process to get the answer to a numeric expression
27.process of replacing a number for a variable
31.another name for the exponent 3
34.type of equation where highest exponent is 1
37.two term expression
38.the number of steps in solving a word problem
39.a small number written above and to the right of another number or variable
40.Another name for a number
41.what property is a+b=b+a
1.one term expression
2.many term expression
3.set of numbers that a variable can represent
5.another name for the exponent 2
8.any number divided by 0 gives you what on a calculator
9.Dividing is to multiplying a number as ______ is to multiplying a polynomial
11.distance around an figure
13.symbol for grouping numbers
14.another name for the answer to an equation
16.what you do when you add or subtract like terms
17.what property is (a+b)+c = a+(b+c)
19.the answer to subtracting two numbers
21.zero on the number line is called what
25.letter used in algebra
26.what property is 3(x+6) = 3x+18
28.another name for an exponent
29.what you call a number or polynomial that has no factors
30.Second degree expression
32.the answer to multiplying two numbers
33.what you do to an equation
35.Greatest Common Factor
36.type of terms that you can add or subtract

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