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The 1960s

Year 4/5

Read the clues and use your topic books to help you find the answers to these questions all about the 1960s.

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5.Small plastic coloured bricks invented in Denmark became a very popular toy.
8.She became a fashion model at a very young age.
9.Twelve pence made one of these.
10.He became Prince of Wales in 1969.
12.A supersonic plane was invented by the British and French.
13.A popular musical with Julie Andrews singing songs such as 'Do-Re-Mi' and 'Edelweiss'
16.This famous train service stopped in the 1960s in this Welsh seaside village.
19.Shirley Bassey sang two themes to these famous British spy films.
22.A wall split this city into two parts - East and West.
23.Martin Luther King said ' I have a _ _ _ _ _'.
24.He made 'one small step and one giant leap' in 1969.
27.Invented by Mary Quant it became a symbol of 1960s' fashion.
28.A small Welsh village sunk beneath a reservoir.
29.A famous footballer from Northern Ireland who played for Man United.
30.The number of Beatles.
1.A small popular British car of the 1960s.
2.A famous Pop Artist of the 1960s.
3.The surname of the first woman in space.
4.Televisions started to change from black and white to _ _ _ _ _ _.
6.Yuri _ _ _ _ _ _ _ became the first man in space in 1961.
7.This famous wartime Prime Minister died in 1965.
11.The city in which President Kennedy was assassinated.
14.He went to a South African prison for his beliefs in the 1960s.
15.A famous boxer whose original name was Cassius Clay.
17.A famous American actress whose real name was Norma Jean Baker.
18.You wouldn't listen to music on a CD or i-pod in the 1960s but an _ _ .
20.Christiaan Barnard performed the first ever _ _ _ _ _ transplant.
21.A popular game of the 1960s with marbles and straws.
25.The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ was won by England in 1966.
26.A terrible disaster happened in this Welsh village in 1966.

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