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      13 14      
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18                     19        

5.The Founder of the Church of England was King ___ the 8th in 1534
6.The English Bill of Rights kept King or queen from passing laws without consent of ___
7.Saratoga, Lexington Concord, and ____
8.Jamestown was founded in ____
12.The Declaration of Indenpendence's main creator was Thomas ____
14.The Magna Carta requires the ___ to follows his own laws
15.The ___ is a set of rules
16.People screaming for ____
17.____ Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington
18.The Age of ____ was between the years 1350-1550
19.The ____ Amendment gives freedom of speech and religion
20.____ is the sharing of powers between a central government
1.The Articles of ___ said that a new cofederation congress will become the new central nation government
2.Johnathon Edwards and George Whitfield are rival____
3.System set up by the ____ company that gave 50 acres to the people in the colonies
4.The American Revolution was fought between the American,English,___, and France
9.____ enlights people
10.A ____ occurs every 100 years
11.The idea that the Earth revolves around the sun is called ____
13.The Protestant Revolution was fought between the ____ and the protestants

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