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Basics of C

Mr. V. B. vaijapurkar

To study basics rules of C

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1.The command that outs C program
3.The missing syntax may be reported by C after execution of program.
7.It is called instruction for C program.
9.The variable name indicate .
11.The entity that can chage during program.
12.It is not allowed in comment.
14.If the statements starts with // is called ....comment
16.It is name of one compiler for DOS.
17.Number of reserved key words for C is.
18.These are not allowed in decleration of of variables.
21.If programe do not return value must be written
24.There is no operator for...
25.If the statements starts with /* and ends with */ is called ....comment
26.The floating constant can.......... be in the form.
27.The real constants are also called as.
28.Integer must not have.
29.'d' is decleration of ...
30.It is called as processor directive.
31.It is primary constant.
32.The reserved word for C is also called as.
1.If no sign precedes an inter constant it is assumed.
2.It is also called as secondary constant.
4.It is called standard input output header file.
5.Variable name may contain.
6.explanation to user for understanding statment is called as
8.The command that accepts input to C program
10.The maximum length of character constant is.
13.It is called statement terminator.
15.In the decleration of character constant inverted commas are ...
19.All statements must be entered in (case).
20.The entity that doent chage during program.
22.It converts user program to machine language.
23.It is name of one compiler for windows.

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