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Cold War Test Review (Test 8)

Mr. Kane and Ms. Taylor

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1.This was an extension of the Truman Doctrine which gave 13 Billion Dollars in aid to any European country to remain capitalist, and help out their economies.
9.This is the term that is centered around the idea that if one country launches a Nuclear Device, then all will launch theirs.
10.This was created to gather information to protect American interests (often with secret tactics.)
13.This was the Soviet salellite which was launched into space causing the US to stress Math and Science in the Schools.
18.This ended after the US and GB airlifted the supplies into the city.
19.This is the 42-46 year struggle of ideological differences between the US and the USSR
20.This was the President of the United States when Communism fell.
21.This is the Communist Leader of North Vietnam, and comander of the Vietcong.
22.This city is fully inside of East Germany (The capital of Germany both east and west.)
26.This is the Attempt by the US and USSR (now Russia) to limit the amount of Nuclear Weapons (there are now 3 of them.)
27.This international resolution attempted to lower tariffs and promote free trade around the world
28.This was the Capitalist leader of China, who was driven out and set up a government in Taiwan.
30.This war ended in a stalmate at the 38th parallel line and a cease fire was called.
31.At this, the allied powers agreed to divide Germany into Four Military Zones.
32.The Big Three (Churchill or Atlee, Stalin and Truman) meet here to discuss post-war resolutions.
33.This was the communist group brought about to protect them selves from from the capitalist group.
34.This was the doctrine which allowed the US to give about 400 million dollars in aid to Greece and Turkey.
35.People often were ______ after they were accused of communist activities during McCarthyism.
36.This was the failed attempt to overthrow Castro in Cuba in the early 1960s.
37.This was a time period where people were being accused of communist activity even without evidence to back up their claims.
38.With the availability of nuclear weapons, this is the policy that threatens a deadly nuclear war.
39.These were two high profile spys who were convicted and executed for their crimes.
2.This was a committee that would investigate people who were either Communist or supected of un-american things.
3.America gave aid, and helped protect this area from Stalin, and the spread of communism (was divided between 3 different groups.)
4.The emergence of a powerful ______ helped influence to the US to become more involved in world affairs.
5.This was constructed to keep East German from escaping to capitalism, and its destruction signaled the end of the Cold War.
6.This was the first Communist leader of China.
7.This was the Government employee who was convicted of spying on America and giving documents to the Communists.
8.This is the 13 day standoff where the USSR tried to place Nuclear Missiles on Cuba (pointed at us.)
11.This was an organization of Western Europe (and the US) to help each other against communist countries.
12.This is the idea that if one country falls to communism, than all countries will.
14.This was the US policy during the Cold War, which aimed to prevent the spread of communism.
15.When Stalin blocaded this city from supplies the US and its allies turned to this to get the supplies into the city
16.During the Korean War, the US sent troops to help protect ____ from their neighbors (who wanted a unified communist Korea.)
17.Many Eastern European States fell to control of the USSR and what type of government.
23.This is the Communist leader of the USSR after Stalin, and during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
24.This is the international organization aimed at keeping the peace around the world after WWII.
25.This is the Terrorist group who attacked the World Trade Center and America on 9/11.
29.This which was coined by Churchill divided the the countries between Capitalist and Communism.

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