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Teen Dating Violence Crossword Challenge

By: Denise DeMattia, Community Education Coordinator

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1.If your partner is constantly putting you down, is overly jealous, has an explosive temper, or is constantly telling you what to do, what to wear, or how to look—these are all examples of _______.
4.___________ have the responsibility to keep you safe while attaining your education.
7.When calling the police to make a report ALWAYS make sure to get the officer(s) name and badge _________.
10.If your partner scratches you, throws something at you, grabs your face to force you to look at him/her, pushing, punching, or hurting you with an object are all forms of what type of abuse?
12.A ________ order makes it a crime for an abusive individual to contact you or come near you in anyway.
14.Is a term used on social media websites when referencing friends, groups, or even events they are attending. Always remember to ask before _________ someone in a post.
2.Common signs are expressing thoughts of death, dying, and wanting to leave this world, lack of interest in otherwise fun activities are all symptoms of ____________ behavior.
3.Remember if you need help to speak with your school _____________ who can help you create a safety plan, find resolutions, or can help you work through your feelings.
5.________ settings are available on all social media websites allowing you to control what others can see and read about you. Consider adjusting your setting so only your friends are able to view your page instead of the general public.
6.Always save harassing text messages, e-mails, voicemails, videos, pictures, letters, etc because this can be used as _____________.
8.Sending someone nasty messages, harassing with constant text messages, or creating fake profiles to hurt someone are all examples of _______ abuse.
9.If someone sends you explicit photos or videos and demands the same in return from you, this is known as _______.
11.If someone someone shows up at your house uninvited, sends you unwanted gifts, letters, or text messages, and waits for you at places they know you will be—this is called __________.
13.If your partner yells or screams at you, starts rumors about you, and intentionally humiliating you in public are examples of what type of abuse?

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