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5th Grade Churchill

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1.The fictional creature ZORG, had 1,000 arms and legs. It must have been a ____________.
3.I need a ___________________ for my video camera so I can record the music program.
8.The pothole in the street was an _________________ to all vehicles.
9.Hit the gas ________________ if you want to go faster.
10.A frog, a dog, and a cat are all examples of a _________________.
2.Instead of calling "Fifth grade walkers" at the end of the day, Mr. Kelspitz could say "Fifth Grade __________________"
4.A Girl Scout who walks around to her neighbors' houses trying to sell cookies, is a ______________.
5.I need a ________________ so my feet look pretty in my sandles.
6.A ___________________would need 100 shoes.
7.Since I am a ____________________, I need two shoes.

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