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US History

Chapter 4 Review

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4.the reason countries were anxious to claim the Ohio Valley
5.the Great Awakening was a __ movement
6.the movement that was based upon the idea that knowledge, reason, and science would improve society
11.one of the three reasons the colonies increased quickly in population: slaves, larger colonial families, and __.
15.group of civilians trained to fight in battle
16.Prime Minister of Britain who wanted to take on the cost of the French and Indian War
18.major cash crop in South Carolina and Carolina
19.chief of the Ottowa tribe who united the Native Americans to fight against the British
20.a type of colony where colonists were granted the right to establish a colony
21.proposed the Albany Plan of Union
23.along with their marching formation, Washington tried to warn the British about their ___ coats
26.the defeat of the city marked the end of the fighting between the British and French in North America
27.When France was defeated by the British, the Treaty of __ forced France to give their lands to Britain and Spain
29.was sued for libel over comments made about the governor of New York; an important step in freedom of press
30.the leg of triangle trade that had enslaved Africans go frm Africa to the West Indies
31.the Natives were -- with the French because they didn't try to take away their land
32.the region of the Southern colonies that contained small farms
33.fort built by British after French built Fort Duquense
34.one of the countries that were a major power in Europe; had 13 colonies in North America
1.the capital of New France
2.a type of colony ruled by an individual to whom Britain granted land
3.the region of the Southern colonies that contained large plantations
7.powerful group of Native Americans
8.Britain placed this on the colonists to restrict their trading with other countries
9.Albany Plan of Union called for a ___ colonial government
10.a type of colony that was ruled by the monarchy in England
12.instilled the concepts of limited government andn protection from unjust loss of life, liberty, and property
13.sent to Ohio Valley to warn the French about trespassing
14.a piece of land that faced the meeting house
17.one of the countries that was a major power in Europe; controlled much of present-day Canada
22.England viewed the North American colonies as an economic ___.
24.when Britain decided to help the colonies in the French and Indian War, he was appointed General
25.governed the behavior of slaves
28.contributed to American culture along with education and arts

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