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Summer Reading Multicultural Fairy Tale Puzzle – with nationality of origin for our Adult Library users

Compiled by Elaine Cullen – Clarence Regional Valley Library – Urunga Library

Versions of popular Fairy Tales can be traced as far back as A.D., Greece, and the Middle ages. For this puzzle I used the country of origin for the more popular versions of these fairy tales.

1 2
3                   4
7   8      

3.This Kitty Cat likes footwear (French) (3 Words)
5.We hope you live happily ever..... (English)
6.What did Rumplestiltskin spin into gold (German)
8.What were changed into horses for Cinderella's coach (French)
9.The occupation of the Seven Dwarfs (German)
10.Her tail and what else did The Little Mermaid sacrifice to live on land (Danish)
1.Name of the Brother and Sister lost in the woods (German) (3 Words)
2.How many houses did the Big Bad Wolf destroy (German)
4.The fairest of them all (Bavarian) (2 Words)
7.Once upon a .... (English)

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