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NoteBook Voc.

Emony Smith

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3.is a ball of dust and ice thats orbits the sun
5.the surface where new rock layer meet a much older rock surface beneath them
9.is an animal that lives part of its life on land and part of its life in water
16.geologists divide the time between Precambrain Time and the present into three long units of time
17.is a well-tested concept that explain a wide range of observations
19.provide evidence of the activties of ancient organisms.
23.is a record of the life forms and geologic events in Earth history.
27.are fossil in which minerals replace all or part of an organism
28.is a warm-blooded vertebrate that feeds its young milk
29.lava that hardens on surface
30.is an animal with a backbone
1.is the gradual change in living things over long periods of time
2.a fossil must be widely distributed and represent a type of organism that existed only briefly
4.if it no longer exists and will never again live on earth.
6.in which man types of living things became extint at the same time
7.the magma cools and hardens into a mass of igneous rock
8.without a backbone
10.is its compared to the ages of other rocks
11.an extremely thin coating of carbonon rock
12.to determine the relative ages of sedimentary rocks layers
13.is the type of rock that is made of hardened sediment
14.use fossils to build up picture of earth's past environments
15.a rock is the number of years since the rock formed
18.continents move very slowly over earth's because of force inside earth.
20.eras are subdivided into units of geologic time
21.have scaly skin and lay eggs with tough, leathery shell
22.are the preserved remain or traces of living things
24.is a soild copy of the shape of an organim
25.is a hallow area in sediment in the shape of an organism or part of an organism
26.is a break in Earth's crust

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