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1                 2            
3 4         5   6               7
9               10   11        
    14   15   16
17         18                   19
22           23   24                    
  26   27                                
        29               30   31  
32                         33            
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      37   38            
    39                   40   41        
42                       43 44 45      
47 48 49              
52                         53         54
      55   56          

1.He had no gift to bring. (3 Words)
4.These are a part of the Mexican Christmas feast.
6.The town Jesus was born in.
9.He has a red nose.
11.Santa is said to be a ________ elf.
12.Flavor of a candy cane.
13.The Jewish festival of light.
17.Some of Christmas' history comes from the Anglo-Saxons _________ feast.
22._________ Holy Night
24.We Need A Little _____________
25.He stole Christmas from Whoville.
27.This is the politically correct greeting at this time of year. (2 Words)
28.You can decorate a wrapped present with this.
29.Sleep in ___________ peace.
32.A traditional flower of Christmas.
33.He thinks Christmas is Buh-Humbug!
35.This week-long celebration honors African heritage and culture.
36.He was King when Jesus was born.
38.This is observed by christians the four Sundays before Christmas.
39.If you go on a sleigh ride you might hear these. (2 Words)
41.How many kings were there?
42.A gift exchange where you draw names and trade gifts anonymously. (2 Words)
45.Jesus' mother
46.If you bought gifts all ______ days in this song you would spend $107,300.
50.________ the Herald Angels Sing
51.They pull Santa's sleigh.
52.In Holland children put these out for Sinterklaas instead of stockings. (2 Words)
53.They brought news of Jesus' birth to the shepherds.
55.You'll get this if you stand under mistletoe.
57.What type of clothes did they wrap baby Jesus in?
2.Children leave these out for Santa. (3 Words)
3.She wanted to know if there really was a Santa Claus.
5.A Christian festival observed on Jan. 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles by way of the Magi.
7.Author of "T'was the Night Before Christmas"
8.Elvis had this type of Christmas.
10.Children can write this to Santa with their lists of wishes.
14.Santa Claus is believed to be based on this christian saint. (2 Words)
15.Used to top hot chocolate.
16.The month Christmas is in.
18.Where Santa lives. (2 Words)
19.You can roast these on an open fire.
20.Away In A ___________
21.Boys and girls often wish for one of these at Christmas.
22.Visions of these dance in children's head on Christmas Eve. (2 Words)
23.A perfume or incense offered as a gift by one of the three kings.
26.A traditional Christmas dessert that people either love or hate.
30.Who got run over by a reindeer?
31.Jesus' father
34.A mark indicating quality or excellence, also a company that produces sentimental greeting cards and movies.
37.Two colors seen the most at Christmas time. (3 Words)
40.These are hung by the chimney with care.
43.Author of "A Christmas Carol"
44.A seven-branched candelabrum used during Hanukkah.
45.We Wish You A _________ Christmas!
46.Shiny string hung on Christmas trees.
47.Frosty was one of these.
48.Songs to celebrate Christmas.
49.Decorate the ________
54.A lot of people wish for this so they can have a White Christmas.
56.One of these led the three wise men to the manger.

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