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Bible Trivia 6

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? Can you come up with the answer to the clue?

3     4  
9     10      
  11           12      
  14             15    
16           17 18      
21 22      

3.God has promised that He has removed our sins are far as the east is from this
6.Jesus said to do this to those that curse you
7.Jesus said to do this to your enemies
9.This small insect teaches a big lesson about cooperation and getting along
11.God is our this and strength
12.Blessed are these for they shall inherit the earth
13.The Psalmist says for us to delight in the Lord and he shall ____ thee the desire of thine heart
14.This means that life is of no value apart from God
15.How many wings did the seraphim have
16.This terms means a false god
18.This term means you fool in Aramaic and demonstrates hatred for your brother
19.This term means premarital sex
20.Those that sow in tears shall do this in joy
21.Job has these open wounds from the sole of his foot unto his crown
23.This was Josiah's age when he began to reign in Jerusalem
1.Jesus said for us to let our what shine before men
2.This small word is a big warning from God
4.The believer is so grounded in his faith that the Psalmist likened the believer unto one of these planted by rivers of water
5.These cities were established to give safety to those guilty of certain crimes
7.This is better than wine according to Solomon
8.The seventh commandment forbids this
10.The eighth commandment says that you shalt not do this
12.Blessed are those that do this for they shall be comforted
14.This term means that this person has never had intimacy with any one
15.Jesus said that we are this, but if it has lost it's savour it is good for nothing
17.This queen was beautiful and refused to come before the king at his command
19.After his calamities, Job lived to see how many generations of his family
22.God told Job that you cannot loose the bands of this constellation

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