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Review for Lessons 11 - 16

Religion Class

The answers to these clues are in lessons 11 to 16. Look it up in your Islamic Studies book, and use your homework handouts from the folder I've given you. (Please only take home papers you will need to study from) This will be collected and graded. You can take it home to finish it. It will be counted towards you mid-term grade! Good Luck! :)

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1.the year _____ C.E. is marked as the first year of Hijrah.
5.True or False : Mount Thawr is a cave very close to Madinah. (pg.54)
6.Abu Bakr passed away in the year _________ C.E.
7.True or False: At the time of Victory of Makkah, Abu Sufyan was a Muslim. (pg.62)
9.Who was the Third Khalifah?
11.Presently known as Yathrib
15.On the night of the Hijrat, this person slept in the bed of the Prophet to trick the enemy
17.The leader is called __________.(pg.66)
18.The daughter of Umar (R), she became a widow, and the Prophet (S) married her to support her.
19.What was the name of Abu Bakr's (R) daughter who became Prophet (S) wife?
21.What saved Abu Bakr (R) and the Prophet Muhammad (S) in the Mount Thawr,
22._________ was the leader against the Prophet Muhammad (S) in the Battle of Uhud, with an army of 3000 soldiers.
24.A treaty that was also known as "A Great Victory".
25.Prophet Muhammad (S) ____________ the people of Makkah when he returned there. The people were thrilled and some cried with joy. Because he did this act of kindness many idol worshipers left their religion and joined Islam.
26.The first person to accept Islam in Prophet Muhammad (S) family was __________.
29.In the Battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad (S) only had an army of _______ poorly armed soldiers.
31.How many Khulafa-e-Rashidun (Rightly Guided Khalifahs) were there?
33.Who did Umar Ibn al-Khattab (R) went to kill, because she became Muslim. His ________.
35.In year 630 C.E., Prophet Muhammad (S) marched to Makkah with _________ followers, which led to the "Liberation of Makkah. (pg.59)
36.Number of people that came for the second pledge of al-Aqaba
1.Treaty of Hudaibiyah was signed in the year __________ C.E.
2.How many years did Abu Bakr serve as a Khalifah?
3.Abu Bakr did many great things to keep people in Islam as a community, and he brought back all the people who tried to break away. Abu BAkr also completed the entire ________ (one of the books of Allah) as a single book.
4.To establish peace, Prophet Muhammad (S) issued a document known as the ___________________. (pg.57)
8.True or False: Abu Bakr (R) was very generous. He helped the poor from his own wealth.
10.Who won the battle of Badr?
12.The helpers are the Al- _____________. (pg.57)
13.Some of the people become "Munafiq" in Madinah and helped the people of Quraish. Munafiq means ________.
14.Name of the place where the 1st Masjid was built by the Prophet (S). (pg. 55)
15.Aisha (Ra), daughter of Abu Bakr (R) had another daughter named ___________.
16.After Victory of Makkah, all the idols near Ka‘bah were __________.
20.After the Muslims migrated to Madinah, they were know as __________.
22.The second adult to accept Islam was _________. He was a good friend of the Prophet (S) who was with him during the secret migration to Madinah. (pg. 65)
23.What is the name of the third battle that took place? Battle of ___________.
27.The Islamic Calendar begins from the first day of _________.
28.The Prophet left Makkah after living there for _________ years.
30.In the Battle of Badr, Abu Jahal had an army of _________ soldiers.
32.Who started the first Islamic calendar?
34.Umar (R) served for ______ years as the second Khalifah.

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