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Ginny Point

A crossword puzzle about trees, because we know that trees are such an important part of your lives. Some of these are trees you have known, trees you have read about, trees you love, trees that make you laugh! Enjoy!

1 2 3
4                       5
7         8   9        
10   11 12                      
13               14     15  
18       19         20    

4.The tree who brought light to the creatures of the world
6.A type of tree that should never get cold (pun)
7.Lord of the forest
8.The kind of tree that fits into your hand (joke)
11.A tree in NZ named after a vegetable (2 words)
13.Everyone thinks they NEED these trees
16.The one tree you would never invite indoors at Christmas (2 words)
18.The ancient tree without whom evil would have won
22.Decidedly deciduous
23.Alan's co-conspirator for years
24.The reason the pine boards get into trouble (pun)
1.Tui's favourite tree!
2.One whose roots go deep down in history (2 words)
3.Where the falling of the last leaf spells doom (TV 2 words)
4.What the tree wore to the pool party (joke)
5.Your first home together! (2 words)
9.He speaks for the trees
10.Kind of tree often found next to the kitchen or on the stove (pun)
12.The tree that revolutionized scientific thought in the 17th century (2 words)
14.Or is it a Kahikatea?
15.It may sound yummy, but you can't bite this one! ( joke, 2 words)
17.Your trail that is a hidden gem
18.Absolutely naked from November until March
19.Inspiration for enlightenment
20.The kind of tree with the most friends (joke)
21.How to tell if a tree is a dogwood (joke)

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