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1       2    
  3 4
    7             8
9             10              
          11 12
13             14            
  15             16       17    
19 20                      
    22 23       24              
25                     26    
            27               28
32             33   34    
  35                       36  
  38                   39             40            
  41     42       43            
45   46     47                      

1.The Grand Canyon is in what state?
5.The first state in the U.S.?
6.Which state grows the most wheat?
7.Name the state that has the largest ball of twine?
9.What state is the only state with one syllable?
10.What state in 48 states has 2 Peninsula
13.This state dose not have any counties but has parishes?
15.What state has the highest population density in the U.S.?
18.Name the 21st state?
20.What was the first state to free it's slaves?
22.What state has a lake that is 6 times saltier than the ocean?
24.What state is home to the ruben sandwich?
25.What states holds the toilet paper capital of the world?
27.Name the state that has a gold dome on its capitol building?
29.What state came out with the first electric trolly system?
30.What state had the first public library
32.What state touches the gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean?
35.Name the state that comes in second with the most wheat production?
38.This state has the most population in the U.S.?
39.Name the 8th state?
41.This state is home to the deepest lake?
43.What state is the only state that starts with 2 vowels?
46.What state's capitol city is Hartford?
48.Which state is called the natural state
49.Which was the first state to give women right to vote?
50.The first 4-H camp is in this state?
51.What is the 28th state?
52.What state produces the most apples?
2.What state has 77 counties?
3.What state has over 3,000 caves?
4.What state has the most man made lakes
6.What state is the home of Church Hill Downs?
8.What state has a part that that is roughly 2 miles in wide
11.What state has a one house legislature?
12.Which state has the largest city in the U.S.
14.What state is has another countries name in it's name?
16.What state has more bison then any other state?
17.What state has 10,000 lakes?
19.What state has the chocolate capital of the world?
21.What state was George Washington from
23.What state has the most counties a total of 254?
26.What state holds the deepest gorge in America?
28.Raleigh is the capitol of this state?
31.This state gets it's name from the spanish word meaning mountain?
33.What state is home to the first ambulance service?
34.Name the state that was once called Plymouth?
36.What is the smallest state in the U.S.
37.This state has a river that flows north and south named after it?
40.What state a produces 25% of the nation's oil?
42.Name the state that raises the most peaches in the U.S.?
44.What state produces the most Maple syrup in the U.S.?
45.This state has the most active volcanos?
47.The Capitol of this state is Carson City?

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