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Compilation of meteorological terminology

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3.Density of water vapor
5.A strong localized downdraft from a thunderstorm with peak gusts lasting 2 to 5 minutes.
6.A warning issued when sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph (34 to 63 knots) are expected within 24 hours.
7.This area often coincides with a radar hook echo and/or mesocyclone, especially one associated with an HP storm
9.Atmospheric sounding instrument that is used to obtain temperature and humidity information between ground level and height of a few thousand feet; this instrument is supported by a captive balloon while traveling from the ground level.
10.Contains pollutants, such as oxides and sulfur with a pH >5.6
13.A relatively rarely seen form of lightning, generally consisting of an orange or reddish ball of the order of a few cm to 30 cm in diameter and of moderate luminosity, which may move up to 1 m/s horizontally with a lifetime of a second or two
16.The rotation of two storms around each other.
19.changes in temperature caused by the expansion (cooling) or compression (warming) of a body of air as it rises or descends in the atmosphere
20.The horizontal transport of air, moisture or other atmospheric properties. Commonly used with temperatures, i.e., "warm air advection"
21.The height of the lowest layer of broken or overcast clouds
22.The deviation of (usually) temperature or precipitation in a given region over a specified period from the normal value for the same region.
1.A rainbow that has a white band that appears in fog, and is fringed with red on the outside and blue on the inside.
2.Development or intensification of a low-pressure center
3.Clouds that are dependent on a larger cloud system for development and continuance
4.A widespread and usually fast-moving windstorm associated with convection
11.A strong downslope wind that causes the air to warm rapidly as a result of compressive heating; called a foehn wind in Europe
12.In lightning, the leader which, after the first stroke, initiates each succeeding stroke of a composite flash of lightning.
14.Anabatic- wind flowing up an incline, such as up a hillside; upslope wind
15.Process of being removed i.e. snow melting
17.Growth of precipitation particles by collision of ice crystals with supercooled liquid droplets which freeze on impact
18.The area in which ocean waves are generated by the wind.

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