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Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations

Tyrannical Tripps

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1.A civilization has this kind of food supply (synonym= "steady")
3.Religious temples and towers built by the Sumerians
6.This type of system allowed people to supply their land with water
8.A Sumerian type of writing using wedge-shaped characters
10.Leader of the first Babylonian empire, known for his code of laws
11.A large territory where several groups of people are ruled by a single powerful leader
13.Northern river of the two main rivers in the Fertile Crescent
14.A symbol that stands for an object
15.A civilization has this type of system, so life is orderly
16.A wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding
21.This component of a civilization indicates different status levels and jobs within a group of people
22.The land between two rivers had a shortage of this in the hills
23.This empire's leader was a military master who taught his armies to fight in tight formation
24.Southern river of the two main rivers in the Fertile Crescent
1.Area in the southern part of land between two rivers
2.The people living in the land between two river often feared these by neighboring people
4.A civilization has this type of system, which includes forms of worship and a set of beliefs
5.In addition to the Ishtar Gate, Nebuchadrezzar is also famous for building this
7.Leader of the Neo-Babylonian empire, the last empore of Mesopotamia
9.The Akkadians were ruled by this person and invaded Sumer from the North of Mesopotamia
12.Area of land meaning "land between two rivers"
17.These people were known for their military might, the seige tactic and shish-kabobbing people
18.A Sumerian musical instrument like a harp
19.A civilization has advancement in this
20.A civilization has a highly developed one of these, including art, literature, and music

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