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Chapter 18 16th Century Renaissance

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1.need to know date for Roman/High Renaissance
4.portrayal of Mary cradling the dead body of Christ
9.known for his elongation of figures and luminescence qualities of his works
13.this painting’s pyramid construction focuses the attention to the figure’s head
14.decorative depiction of nude males that support corners of narrative scene and nude figures that integrate into the painted architecture, respectively (____and____)
16.this plan was for Saint Peter’s Basilica but was abandoned in favor of another
17.the position of the baby Jesus is reminiscent of Pietàs in this piece
19.landscape of the artist’s adopted home
21.most famous for his engravings
2.need to know date for Mannerism
3.a name suggested for this piece is Venus Disarming Cupid
5.technique of modeling forms in painting by which the lighter parts seem to emerge from darker areas
6.this work is unusual for the youth of the Virgin Mary (Artist Artwork)
7.unlike Donatello’s sculpture, this depicts before the battle (ArtistArtwork)
8.this piece used canon of proportions creating the figures
10.in The Last Supper, this is located behind Jesus’ head
11.the plan of Saint’s Basilica
12.artist that tried to challenge viewer’s intellect with still maintaining an appealing to aesthetic sensibility in one case through the elongation of a neck
15.the apostles sit in groupings of three in this artwork
18.small landscape in a storm with a woman and a solider
20.series of images depicting a story or theme intended to be displayed together and forming visual narrative

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