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Happy New Year!!!

Ms. Kendra

1 2
  4           5       6    
8                     9              
    12 13              
17 18   19                 20
  22   23 24          
25                 26          
  28   29                

4.a party favor that rattles or makes noise
6.to have an enjoyable time
8.long strips of colored paper
9.small piece of colored paper that people throw
10."Good Old Days"
11.one hundred years
13.the new year starts at 12 o'clock...
14.promise to do (or not)do) something in the new year
15.January 1st is the ________ of the new year
18.the intersection of Broadway and 46th Street in New York City; people gather here on New Year’s Eve to watch the famous ball drop and ring in the New Year.
24.a round object
25.ten years
26.ceremonial procession of people marching and bands playing
29.a chart that has days,weeks, and months on it
30.people you like
31.a desired outcome acheived by a set plan
32.people you are related to
1.some people use bright colors to _______ their homes for the celebrateion
2.a yell or call to show support, praise, or excitement
3.explosives that are shot high up in the air and burst into a display of lights
5."May Old ________ Be Forgot"
6.he is the personification of time
7.the _________ begins a little before midnight
12.a musical instrument played by blowing air through it
16.they are filled with air or Helium
17.an orderly way of playing for fun
19.something that you can remember
20.something you eat
21.a gathering of people to celebrate
22.first month of the new year
23.moving to music
26.you put on your head to celebrate
27.the Polar Bear _________ is a New Year's activity where people jump into freezing water
28.words set to music

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