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2.Rabbits have 4 _____ and no hands
4.A male rabbit is called this
5.__________ is a durable and sturdy wood and wire cage for your rabbit
8.A rabbit is awake mostly at night which means he or she is __________
9.Rabbits are covered with _____ which we call fur
10.Rabbits have big hind ______ so they can run fast
12.Rrabbits like to play with ___________ they can flip, toss, shred, chew, and roll the most
13.Besides pellets, hay and water, your rabbit needs to eat fresh _________ everyday
1.A female rabbit is called this
3.____________ is an important part of an adult rabbits daily diet and offers your rabbit the fiber it needs
4.Another term for a young rabbit
5.A rabbit is an _____________ which means he or she eats only plants
6.Rabbits have ________ that constantly grow all their life
7.A group of rabbits is called this
11.Rabbits have a good sense of _______ which helps them find food in the dark

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