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Spring Bird Watching


How much do you know about spring bird watching and the birds you are likely to see? All bird names used as answers in this puzzle use the birds FULL COMMON NAME unless noted otherwise. With bird names like the "Red-Headed Woodpecker", you would omit the hyphen and enter the answer as "RedHeadedWoodpecker".

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                  36   37 38
  39 40                      
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    44                 45                   46  
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  55           56                  

1.The type of nest commonly built by warblers.
4.The color that orioles are attracted to.
5.This is the only warbler that is almost entirely blue.
8.A common food for many birds in spring.
9.This warbler species is one of the few that you might spot in winter.
11.Once spring arrives these birds lose their drab winter plumage and gain bold yellow plumage.
12.The scientific name for the wood warbler family.
13.Birds only make this type of vocalization during breeding season, and in most cases only the male birds make this type of vocalization.
17.It isn't uncommon to find this warbler around if there is a source of moving wtaer nearby.
19.A look-alike of the Wood Thrush.
23.This type of dove is common in spring, but lives in Ohio year-round.
24.In spring robins hunting these will become a common sight.
25.The only hummingbird species that commonly lives in Ohio (omit 'hummingbird' from the common name in your asnwer)
27.A female duck is actually the 'true' duck. The male is actually called a _____.
29.In spring this area in Ohio is a hotspot for warblers of all kinds.
31.This is one of the few warbler species that isn't boldly colored.
32.A material commonly used to camouflage the outside of hummingbird nests.
34.A material commonly used in robin nests.
39.The type of vocalization that all birds make year-round.
41.The favorite food of oriole species.
43.This bird is a member of the finch family and is commonly seen at bird feeders in spring before natural food becomes plentiful.
44.If you keep track of all of the birds you have seen, your ________ may easily go up by 30 species or more in spring.
45.This family of bird is very colorful and searched for by many avid bird watchers in spring.
49.This bird species starts southward migration as early as August.
50.Another material commonly used in robin nests.
52.While our warblers plumage color ranges from yellow to orange to blue, most European warblers are a dull _____.
53.The smallest member of the wood warbler family.
54.A bright blue bird that is common in forests throughout the state in spring.
55.This type of seed is usually rejected in winter but is welcomed by readily eaten by many bird species in spring.
56.The material that hummingbirds commonly use in the construction of their nests (it helps hold them together).
57.This warbler has brown, white, yellow and black plumage (omit 'warbler' from the common name in your answer).
58.Warblers prefer to live and nest in very thick __________.
2.The mourning dove is actually a member of the ______ family.
3.This wren species only lives in Ohio during spring and summer.
5.A small but common member of the wood warbler family that is named after the color of it's throat.
6.The color that hummingbirds are attracted to.
7.This is probably the most common member of the wood warbler family (omit 'warbler' from the common name in your answer).
8.This warbler sports vivid orange plumage.
10.Warblers are very ______ and don't often sit still.
14.This bird will have its song ringing through every yard in spring and is also the state bird of Ohio.
15.The largest member of the wood warbler family.
16.This small bird looks alot like a thrush but is actually a warbler and loves moving water.
18.The mockingbird and brown thrasher are both members of this family...
20.This bird has a song that is common in forests throughout the country in summer.
21.This black and orange bird is a warbler, but unlike most warbler species, the last part of its common name isn't 'warbler'.
22.These waterbirds migrate north in spring.
26.A member of the finch family that may be confused with the Indigo Bunting.
28.Birds lay ____ in spring and summer.
30.This stealithy member of the heron family is brown and returns in spring.
33.The more dull-colored relative of the Baltimore Oriole.
35.This bird is actually the owner of the most popular bird song and only lives in Ohio in spring and summer.
36.The most common plumage color on warblers.
37.The nest type used by oriole species.
38.The family that bluebirds belong to.
40.The full name of robins is...
42.Around April the birds begin their northward _________.
46.A common and often bothersome member of the pigeon family.
47.This type of bird is a symbol for peace.
48.The main food of warblers and orioles.
51.The type of nest that woodpeckers use.

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