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Pre Columbian America

Mr. Locc

Long before the days of the Columbian exchange there were people living in the United States. These people were a collection of many different tribes with very different cultures. The Pre-columbian natives are the historical ancestors of the historic Native Americans we know today.

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4.The original people who lived in Ohio around 13000 B.C. (2 Words)
5.Also known as Glacial Kame People- The second group to settle in Ohio (2 Words)
9.A member of a tribe or people that keep moving about
10.a group of people related by blood and custom.
11.A period in history when much of the Earth's water was frozen into icebergs (2 Words)
1.The process of moving a large group from one place to another
2.A diet that consists of what ever can be killed or collected. (2 Words)
3.A narrow strip of water separating North America from Asia (2 Words)
6.Created great Earthworks and mounds.
7.A narrow strip of land that connects two continents. (2 Words)
8.The first tribe to begin to farm. Sunflowers, Corn, Squash

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