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The Baseball Crossword Challenge

By Seth Coggeshall

Do you think Y0U have what it takes to complete the baseball puzzle and get them all right? Then take the challenge!

1   2  
3 4           5
  6   7          
8                     9    
11               12        
      15       16
17                       18            
  19           20       21      
  22             23
  25               26      
      28 29
30           31                   32
33               34      
  35   36        

1.Only two titles!
3.From the tropical area.
7.A team from New York.
8.Hardest pitch to acomplish.
10.Lost the series in 2012.
11.Not a big Giants fan.
13.Only one team wins this. (2 Words)
15.It's like the semie finals!
17.This is what teams compete in at the end of the season.
18.Home of two teams.
19.There are sixteen teams in this division. (2 Words)
24.Second place for most world series wins.
25.It's like the semie finals!
26.It's like the quarter finals!
30.Hate the Yankees! (2 Words)
31.Every one loves these. (2 Words)
33.The one's who've topped all sports.
34.It's like the quarter finals!
35.Everyone hates these.
37.Ounce a Brooklyn, always a Brooklyn.
38.A perfect game alows none of these.
2.The only canada team. (2 Words)
4.There around the "rockies".
5.Lost the Series two years in a row!
6.Baseball's best hitter. (2 Words)
9.There are fourteen teams in this division. (2 Words)
12.Basicly the preseason. (2 Words)
14.You need to be fast to acomplish this (2 Words)
16.Rarely thrown today.
20.Beat the Giants in the world series.
21.One of two teams from Texas.
22.World champs in season five.
23.They fight the Yankees for the top NY team.
27.One of baseballs harshest times means the... (2 Words)
28.They live in a hot area.
29.What are siblings born the same day?
32.Hard to beat, but possible.
36.Most recentily founded.

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