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Book 7-12 XWord

Dylan Chudoff

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4     5
    7               8
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2.Latin hero, female warrior
6.Place of battle in 31 B.C. where Augustus trumped the Egyptians
7.Latin hero, first wounded by Aeneas then killed after his son had suffered the same fate
9.God of War, Husband to Venus
11.River in which Aeneas travels to get to Latium
12.Spokesman of the Latins
16.King of the Latins
18.Goddess who laments the loss of Camilla
19.son of leader sought by Aeneas for aid
1.future wife of Aeneas
3.Hell agent of Juno
4.City where Aeneas finds himself off of the Tiber
5.Turnus's sister
8.The sight of this by Aeneas is the reason as to why Turnus was brutally killed
10.Monster that was extinguished by Hercules on Evander's shores
13.Leader sought by Aeneas for help
14.Part on body where Turnus is wounded by Aeneas
15.Queen of the Latins
16.Latin hero, son of another Latin hero
17.Italian noble, supposed to marry Lavinia before the arrival of Aeneas

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