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2012-13 'Net Crossword!

Do you know your 'nets? Each answer is a different 'net's first name! Special instructions: To distinguish Taylors, use 'TAYLORK' and 'TAYLORC'.

2       3
5       6    
8 9          
11         12 13  
    14     15          
17         18   19          
21       22       23 24 25
    26           27        
28               29                     30
  33           34   35          
36         37        
40   41   42     43       44      
  47     48    
49         50      

2.This 'net has a younger sister who is a piccolo
5.With a change of major, this sophomore is now on his way to a film career
7.This 'net rocks 90's sweat suits!
9.This 'net is a triplet
11.We were glad to have this picture taking expert back from Rome this semester
15.This 'net would do cartwheels all the way to Disney World if possible
16.This social chair is roommates with another 'net
17.This 'net is probably already tan from traveling to Cabo this winter break
19.You are currently on your way to his hometown!!
20.This hall monitor is turning into a pro facebook stalker
21.The queen of sparkly headbands
26.We will soon see if her hair is still dyed black...
28.This 'net no longer has braces as of finals week!
29.This RA has a boy bands theme in her hallway
31.Both of her parents were ND band presidents
32.This 'net works in the costume shop at Saint Mary's
33.Congratulate this 'net on getting into law school!
35.This Belle is from a city with the same name as one of the lakes on campus
36.I wonder how many time this 'net has been asked if she is related to ND's FB coach?
38.Having electrical circuit issues? This senior 'net can help you out!
39.This chick magnet could be mistaken for Niall from One Direction
41.This freshman could easily be mistaken for Psy
43.This 'net is from SEC Bulldog territory
45.This 'net's home is located the farthest north
46.Master male bassoon player
48.Quarterback of the semi-existant 'net football team
49.If ND went to the Sugar Bowl, we would be headed to this 'net's state
50.This 'net would most likely win an award for volunteering for hockey games the most
1.This 'net's last name is the same as another 'net's first name
3.This 'net will soon be famous for her rap skillz
4.This 'net can paint with all the colors of the wind
6.This 'net represents us all in the ND jazz band
8.This freshman pyro is a recent engineer turned pre-med
10.This freshman was bundled up in a parka in 50 degree temps this year...silly California
12.This 'net posts his own 'picks' on Facebook before every game... and has been correct every time this year
13.This 'net sure loves her D.C. sports teams
14.This freshman has perfected the banana costume, duck face, and shimmying
15.This 'net is obsessed with her cats
17.This Jersey native spent her fall break helping out in Joplin
18.This prom queen's home state is pure
22.This Ohio native is a master bow designer
23.spending a semester abroad in Australia next semester
24.This Texan lives the farthest south of all the Texans
25.Most likely spent his break figuring out a way to ask Genette to the band dance
26.This 'net is celebrating a 22nd birthday while in Miami!
27.This 'net listened to Viva La Vida on repeat during finals week
30.She is on her way to vet school!
34.This wild woman survived orgo 2!!
37.This phoxy lady is a super social chair
40.This 'net has more younger sisters to keep away from the frosh/soph boys than any other girl in the section
42.Has a french horn playing secret talent
43.Ask him to sing the fight song and he'll be right on pitch
44.This bass clarinet player went goth at the 'net SYR
47.She may be small, but band Halloween let us know that she's quite the baller

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