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R&B & Black Literature

Gus Griffin

All answers are related to one of the two above noted subjects. Names are last only

4 5       6              
    7           8
10         11   12          
16               17            

5.Color of Precola's eyes
6.Played the role of the singer born as Jamesetta Hawkins
7.A biographer that comes along every 86 years
9.A college in Oklahoma and writer
10.The "Fat Boy" who loves Summertime
12.If we could be friends, we would not have this
13.King of TV themes
14.The superstar who honored Karen and the Queen
15.EWF's beat and rhyme as hot as country's economy
16.Gary's greatest Triumph
17.Howard woman and Anthropologist seeking a higher view
1.Speilberg Oprah Glover
2.Dells Chaka Khan Loose Ends and Jodeci all want you to
3.Authored a wise song
4.Covered Glen Campbell's orginal about a journey to the valley of the Sun
5.A Native Son's larger than life dilemna
6.Banned from speaking at the 63 March on Washington
8.Not Easy taming this not so quiet Sociopath
9.Their music should never be tied up
11.Voice of a Perfect Angel

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