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Chapter 5 Earth Science Puzzle

Mrs. Morris

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  6 7 8   9                    
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4.Two plates slip past each other
9.A dense ball of solid metal.
11.the idea that the continents are slowly moving over Earth's surface
13.the broken pieces of the lithosphere
20.light colored rock with a coarse texture making up continental crust
21.the place where two plates move towards each other
23.Heat transfer within a material or between materials that are touching.
26.Example of Direct Evidence
28.dark rock with fine texture making up the oceaninc crust
29.the process which continually adds material to the ocean floor.
31.the layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner core
33."all lands"
34.The transfer of energy through space
1.the flow that transfers heat within a fluid.
2.An undersea mountain chain where new sea floor is produced.
3.a well tested concept that provides a wide range of observations
5.breaks in Earth's crust where rocks slip past each other
6.is a measurement of how much mass there is in a volume of a substance
7.Vibrations that travel through Earth carrying energy released during an earthquake
8.results from a force pressing on an area
10.pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in constant motion driven by convection currents in the mantle
12.deep under water canyons
14.German scientist who hypothesized that all the continents were once joined together.
15.The process by which the ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench
16.scientist think that the movements in the liquid outer core create this.
17.the place where two plates move apart
18.The soft layer of the mantle on which the lithosphere floats.
19.Heat transfer by the movement of currents within a fluid.
22.forms where two pieces of continental crust pull apart.
24.a rigid layer made up of the uppermost part of the mantle and the crust
25.device that bounces sound waves off underwater objects and then records the echos of these sound waves
27.The layer of hot, solid material between Earth's crust and core.
30.any trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock
32.the layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin

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