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1.these glands allow for a class of chordates to provide nutrients for their young
5.this type of egg allows for reproduction that does not involve water
8.animals in this class are often called jawless fish
10.the most abundant group of mammals
11.invertebrate chordates that are small fish-like creatures with definite heads
12.animals in this class are known for their tough skin
13.protects the outside body found on insects and crustatians
17.these feathers cover most of the wings and are stiff also known as flight feathers
21.embryos are nourished directly by the mother before birth
23.cold blooded
25.these fish lay eggs
26.these feathers are soft short and fluffy and provide insulation
27.fish included in this class are largely built from cartilage instead of bone
28.pouched mammals
2.this class is most known as being able to fly
3.most animals in this class are covered with hair and are live born
4.this muscular wall in birds grinds gravel and food making easier to digest
6.egg laying mammals
7.this type of tail can be used for grasping while climbing
9.invertebrate chordates they get their name from a special body covering
14.eggs develop inside the female and are nourished with a yolk sack
15.an enlarged area where food can be stored in birds
16.animals in this class live on the land and in the water
17.a supporting marital more flexible than bone
18.warm blooded
19.wear skin over their skeletons
20.flexible rod structure that preceded backbones
22.fish in this class have complete bones used for the skeleton
24.these feathers repel water

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