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Air Law and Airspace

Devin Speers

Air Law and Airspace - PPL Ground School - Future Air

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1.A pilot must keep a current log book to prove this.
3.Two aircraft are approaching head on, risk of a collision, you alter heading to the?
5.You get a ______ green light clearing you for take-off
7.Always has right away over an aeroplane
8.Number of days the Interim C of R is valid for after an aircraft purchase.
9.Minimum height AGL over built up areas. (2 Words)
11.After drinking, one must not as a crew member for ______ hours
14.Number of years for Cat3 Medical validity, under 40 years.
16.Class A airspace begins at ______ thousand feet ASL
17.Day VFR, Minimum visibility, Uncontrolled Airspace (2 Words)
19.A ______ red-light signal in the air means, do not land airport unsafe.
20.Ability to ______ determines right-of-way.
21.Dar VFR cross country, minimum fuel reserve (in minutes)
2.No aircraft shall remain running without one of these at the controls. (2 Words)
4.Class B airspace begins at ______ thousand, five hundred feet ASL
6.Visibility required, Day VFR, in a Control Zone (2 Words)
10.When ATC is closed, Class D becomes? (2 Words)
12.Number of seconds an ELT can be tested for.
13.Going beyond gliding distance from shore? You need? (2 Words)
15.How many years must an owner keep an aircraft's Journey Log after it's full?
18.Under special VFR, one must keep _____ of cloud.
19.Take offs and landings required every 6 months to take passengers at night.

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