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The Middle and Southern Colonies

Mrs. Dunsmore

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1.more than what is needed (pg 198)
3.person who watches and directs the work of others (pg 214)
4.English colony that was started by Lord Baltimore as a refuge for Catholics (pg 203)
9.respecting beliefs that are different than one's own (pg 197)
11.main cash crop of Virginia and Maryland (pg 210)
13.someone who is chosen to spek and act for others (pgs189)
15.one of the main cash crops of South Carolina and Georgia, along with indigo (pg 211)
18.official church of Virginia (pg 203)
19.place where debtors in England were put when they could not pay their debt pg 204)
20.glasses that allow people to see up close and far away (pg 193)
23.the name of the legislature of Virginia (pg 203)
31.first law to promise that all christians could worship (pg 203)
32.African-American religious folk song (pg 214)
33.representatives in the Virginia legislature (pg 203)
34.plant that can be made into a dark, blue dye (pg 211)
35.person who studies with a master to learn a skill (pg 199)
36.official agreement between nations or groups (pg 190)
2.very large farm on which crops were raised (pg 202)
3.machine that measured how far people traveled (pg 192)
5.person who owned & controlled all of the land in a colony (pg 188)
6.something that could store electricity for later use (192)
7.religion of William Penn (pg 189)
8.the official title of the proprietor of New York (pg 188)
10.largest city in the Southern Colonies, became known as Charleston in 1783 (pg 211)
12.famous citizen of Philadelphia (pg 190)
14.person who founded Pennsylvania (pg 189)
16.people who were bought and sold as property (pg 214)
17.largest city in the British Colonies (pg 190)
21.economic system in which people may start any business (pg 198)
22.location of most small family farms in the South (pg 212)
24.group of people with the power to make or change laws (pg 203)
25.country in which the proprietors lived (pg 189)
26.continent from which the slaves were brought (pg 214)
27.first permanent English colony in North America (pg 202)
28.religion of Lor Baltimore (Cecilius Calvert) (pg 203)
29.person who does hard physical labor (pg 198)
30.person who is skilled at making something by hand (pg 198)

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