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An Abundance of Katherines- John Green

Katherine Gryglak

3   4  

5.a sadly-and-disappointingly-not-real town in Southern Tennessee where Hassan and Colin find themselves acquiring summer jobs
6.Very obscure English word meaning "the spending of too much money on food"
8.The name that every single girl Colin has ever dated (and been dumped by, 19 times in fact) coincidentally has Anagram/ The result of rearranging letters in a word to make a totally new word
1.Anagrammatically, this word turns into Fred N. Dinzanfar, the name of Lindsey Lee Wells dead grandfather
2.German word for "wimp" literally translating to "man who sits to pee"
3.Greek for "I have found it!"
4.Extremely talented and gifted youth
7.An, apparantly, large Southern fast food restaurant chain which seems to be made purely of grease.

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