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All about jovy


all words in this puzzle has something to do with Jovy

1 2 3         4
5   6                  
7       8     9              
  11                     12 13  
    15 16                   17      
      20         21                      
      23           24           25
27                 28  
    29     30       31                  
  34 35               36 37
38     39             40    
41                 42   43         44  
  46       47   48              
49               50            

2.Jovy's first year high school section
5.Jovy's second year high school section
7.english translation of the group name back in grade school
9.number of transformers Jovy have
11.project 2012 of Jovy's sister
14.mall near Jovy's High school
16.superhero identity of Jovy in Super Izy stories
19.one of the collections Jovy still collects
20.seafood Jovy loved in high school
21.game jovy created during 4th year high school
23.one of the newest DC comics series relaunch
27.last stone collected in deltora's quest
29.one of Jovy's favorite ben 10 alien
31.Jovy's favorite DC comics superhero team
32.planet sized transformer
33.Jovy's favorite subject
35.a member in the avengers
39.mall where Jovy celebrated his 12th birthday (grade six)
41.subject where Jovy's classmates guess whats in his lunchbox
43.one of the aliens Jovy likes in Ben10
45.a member in the avengers
46.number of transformers Jovy's younger brother have
49.Jovy's sister
50.name of party in Jovy's house
51.usual hangout place in 4th year high school
1.publication of comics that has Avengers, X-men, etc,
3.Jovy's younger sister
4.one of the shows Jovy watches in toonami
6.mall Jovy's family went into to celebrate January 1
8.Jovy's 3rd year high school section
10.subject Jovy's 4th year class is into when upcat was released
12.a member in avengers
13.brand of Jovy's lunchbox
15.Jovy's favorite marvel comics superhero team
17.one of the collections Jovy still collects
18.M in MATH acrostic
22.Jovy's high school crush
24.T in MATH acrostic
25.one of jovys favorite marvel superhero
26.group Jovy and his childhood friends call themselves
28.Jovy's High School
30.Jovy's current phone brand
34.transformer's techno planet
36.A in MATH acrostic
37.UP Org Jovy is applying to
38.usual food inside Jovy's lunchbox
40.Stories Jovy create for Izy
42.who is "one biological use"?
44.one of the collections Jovy still collects
47.Jovy's 4th year high school section
48.one of jovys favorite dc superhero

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