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Renaissance Vocabulary

Allan Meiji & TeAzsa Dash

2                                 3 4
6 7                             8
9                               10                      
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        20                 21          

2.Wrote the book 'Don Quixote.' (3 Words)
7.Queen of Castile and Leon from 1474-1504. (3 Words)
9.Father of modern anatomy. (2 Words)
10.German theologian that lead the reformation. (2 Words)
12.English poet, and one of the greatest English writers. (2 Words)
15.Italian statesman, political philosopher, and author. (2 Words)
18.Polish astronomer , studied different things including medicine and canon law. (2 Words)
20.Queen of England from 1558-1603. (3 Words)
22.An intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics.
24.Council of the roman catholic church that met at Trent. (3 Words)
25.French theologian, involved in the Protestant Reformation. (2 Words)
1.Dutch humanist, and theologian, and leading renaissance scholar in Northern Europe. (2 Words)
3.Peninsula located between Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Seas in the Mediterranean Sea.
4.Sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and a figure of the renaissance. (2 Words)
5.Italian lyric poet and scholar.
6.German printer, who was the first person to use the printing press. (2 Words)
8.Italian Poet, most famous for 'the Divine Comedy.'
11.A sea surrounded by Africa, Europe, and Asia. (2 Words)
13.First to have wealth and power in Florence during the 13th century. (3 Words)
14.English religious reformer, and translated the bible to English. (2 Words)
16.Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and engineer. (3 Words)
17.English theologian, bible translator, and a religious reformer. (2 Words)
19.Holy roman emperor and German king. (3 Words)
21.German painter, print maker, math expert, theorist from Nuremberg. (2 Words)
23.Italian painter, noted for his use of color in portraits.

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