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Illustrator Revealed, Ch 1

Vocabulary terms from Chapter 1 of Illustrator CS6 Revealed

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3.A drawing mode used to create an object behind a selected object or at the bottom of the stacking order.
6.refers to the order of how objects are arranged in front and behind other objects on the artboard.
8.Images created using a rectangular grid of colored squares called pixels.
9.the arrangement of windows and panels that you see on your monitor.
10.Horizontal and vertical rules that are positioned in a precise way on every page of the document.
11.Lines between two anchor points.
15.Line segments connected by anchor points.
16.A screen mode which displays all your objects as hollow shapes, with no fills or strokes.
19.way to measure objects and typeface in inches, picas, or points.
20.positioned at the top and left sides of the pasteboard to help you align objects.
21.A screen mode in which you see all of your objects with fills and strokes and whatever effects you might have applied.
22.options for viewing your document.
1.created with lines and curves and are defined by mathematical objects. They use geometric characteristics to define the object.
2.Characteristic of a bitmap image that means that if the image is resized, there will be a loss of quality in the image.
4.Points at the ends of line segments.
5.Tool used to manage multiple artboards.
7.The number of pixels in a given inch.
8.A rectangle with eight handles that surrounds the selected object.
12.visual clues that appear automatically when you move objects in the document and provide information for positioning objects precisely in relation to the artboard or to other objects.
13.Horizontal and vertical rules that you can position anywhere in a layout as a reference for positioning elements.
14.A feature in Illustrator that helps you work with precision.
17.Individual pieces of artwork that you create in Illustrator, such as squares, text, or lines.
18.Picture elements that can render subtle gradations of tone and are commonly used for continuous-tone images such as photographs.

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