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ART I Vocabulary

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1.degree of lightness and darkness in an object
5.an enclosed space
7.used to define space, contours, outlines, or suggest mass and volume
8.one side duplicates or mirrors the other
9.combining elements to produce the appearance of movement
11.attracts more attention than anything else in an artwork
13.not symmetrical
15.use of one color and its range of value
16.surface quality of an artwork
20.curvilinear; found in nature (2 Words)
22.sense of motion in the viewer's eye
2.everyone has 'em and they all stink
3.symetrical, asymetrical, radial
4.related to the sense of wholeness
6.straight edged, angular (2 Words)
10.parallel to the horizon; flat
12.perpindicular to the horizon; upright
14.lines that define the outer edges of forms and surfaces (2 Words)
17.concerned with the inclusion of different elements
18.indicate area around, between, above, below, or within something
19.appears three-dimensional and encloses space
21.has three properties: hue, value, and intensity

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