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Social Studies Extra Credit 15 pts

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1.Ojibwe's home
4.Dakota's view of history
6.The walled city (2 Words)
7.Method of transportation
11.Dakota's winter activity
16.One of more persons chosen to represent others.
18.Rank in society (2 Words)
19.Low status worker in a fur trade company.
21.Runs across MN from north to south (2 Words)
27.Treaty singed to gain the Dakota's land. (6 Words)
30.The place where boats or goods are carried overland from one stretch of water to another.
31.A part of the United States that is not within a state but is organized with its won governing leaders.
32.Missionary and translator (2 Words)
2.Location of Fort Snelling on what rivers? (4 Words)
3.Sign of power (2 Words)
5.The Dakota and Ojibwe were in _____ becuase the Ojibwe were migrating onto the Dakota's land.
8.The largest burial ground in Minnesota. (2 Words)
9.An agreement made between two or more different groups to join forces.
10.Telling stories about legends (2 Words)
12.A large body of ice that can grow or shrink depending on the climate.
13.Fur trader, politician, and territorial representative (2 Words)
14.Respect and courtesy
15.U.S. army officer who bought the land for Fort Snelling (2 Words)
17.1st territorial governor (2 Words)
20.Native American's new home.
22.The process of discussing a question of conflict in order to settle it.
23.An annual summer meeting
25.Village location during spring, when Dakota made sugar from maple sap. (2 Words)
26.Military base (2 Words)
28.A written agreement between two or more nations
29.Any object made, used, or altered by humans.

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