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Pet food lables

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4.european pet food lables are divided into 2 sections: the principal display panel and ___
13.the organic residue that remains after plant material has been dissolved
14.minimum % of crude protein and fat, maximum % of crude fiber and moisture
16.material resulting from chemical/enzymatic hydrolysis of clean and undecomposed animal tissue
17.all non combustible materials in a food
19.day, month, year a product should be used by
22.the rendered clean parts other than meat from carcasses
23.stated in avoirdupois and metric
25.a pet food label is divided into 2 main parts: principal display panel and ___
26.non rendered clean parts of carcasses
27.the pet food lable is a ____ document
29.the order in which ingredients must be listed
30.all nutrients are present in the proper proportions
1.created in 1916 in response to the increaed need of scientific and technical services during WWI
2.trade orginization that represents major pet food producers in the US
3.contains all the nutrients of a food except water
5.this ingredient must be declared if it exceeds 14%
6.vitamins, preservatives, antioxidants, coloring, and ____ are 5 commonly declared additives
7.maximum moisture content should not exceed what % in all pet foods
8.these products must be from plant or animal origin or a mined process
9.able to satisfy all nutritional demands without an additional ration
10.generally considered the best method to support a nutritional adequacy claim for a pet food
11.pet foods are regulated at this time
12.estimate of the lipid content of a food via extraction or acid hydrolysis
15.sets nutrient standards and substantiations of claims
18.estimated by measuring nitrogen
20.this term will usually indicate an ingredient is <3% of the total product
21.will be eaten in sufficient ammounts to keep the pet in moderate body condition
24.claims such as "new" or "new & improved" can only be displayed for ___ months
28.organization that ensures food saftey and approves food additives

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