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Water Cycle

Gabe Dryden

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1.I am like my brother sleet I am made up of frozen water I come as little balls of ice. What am I called?
4.I am a form of precipitation I am most common I come in the form of little drops of water. What am I called?
9.I am much like my brother hail I am ice pellets falling from the sky. What am I called?
10.I make the water cycle go round and round you are about 80% made up of me. What am I called?
11.I am the form of evaporation through the leaves of plants. What am I called?
12.I use cold air to form clouds I am another important part of the watercycle. What am I called?
13.I am a little known part of the watercycle I am water running of the ground. What am I called?
2.I am the part of the watercycle that involves water sinking into the earth. What am I called?
3.I am part of the watercycle I am rain, sleet,snow and hail. What am I called?
5.I am a form of pricipitation I am white and fluffy I am most common in winter. What am I called?
6.I am the cycle in which water changes masses and forms. What am I called?
7.I am the form of evaporation through your skin. What am I called?
8.I am an important part of the watercycle without me the water would never find it's way back into the clouds. What am I called?
14.I am a low lying cloud you usualy see me when its cold. What am I called?

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