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Elements of drama


Recognizing and defining elements of drama

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1.Parts performed by actors
3.Tells the reader how the work is to be performed. Giving details about props, costumes, etc.
6.The author of the play
8.Type of dramatic speech which is a long, uninterrupted speech delivered by a character to other characters who are on stage but remin silent
9.Included in Greek tragedy as a group of performers who comment on the action of the play
12.Type of play that has a happy ending which stresses the weaknesses of ordinary people
13.AKA The main character
15.Type of dramatic speech in which a character expresses private thoughts to the audience rather than other characters
16.Speeches of the characters that tell the story
2.Basic units of drama
4.A mistaken action or defect in a character.
5.Type of play that shows downfall of tragic hero
7.Characters face a struggle
10.An insight into life the dramatist explores in the play
11.Type of dramatic speech in which a character alone on stage reveals private thoughts that the audience is allowed to overhear
14.The point of greatest tension in the play

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