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Firearms Crossword


Crossword puzzle in which all answers are firearms related

1         2 3
4         5
6     7    
  9     10  
11 12              
    13                 14      
16           17     18
      21 22           23
24     25           26        
        27 28                
29                     30      
        31   32
33         34 35       36        
37           38                          
40         41 42               43        
    44 45             46          
  47           48           49
51         52                          
54   55      

1.some bullet points are this
4.shotguns and seashores have them
7.the swiney M60
8.every Marine, so they say
9.Browning's Ma
12.Civil War rifle round
13.One pull, many shots
14.after you've locked
16.target made of clay
19.Model 1893, for example
20..22 caliber, for example
22.quite a kick
24.007's pistol
26.a light sight
28.So-called "high capacity"
29.speed, that is
30.trajectory at line of sight convergence
35.center of target
37.moving part of a rifle round
38.9mm and .308, as examples
40.Another name for FMJ
42.One pull per shot
45..45, for example, or .50
47.Patton's "greatest battle implement"
50.needs a ramrod
51.Wellington's Brown lady friend
53.shotgun's "caliber"
54.Automatic Colt ------
56.gangster's slang for tommy
2.not Smith
3.----- action, as for trap shooting
5.one shot, one kill
6.made fire in order to fire
10.he made all men equal
11.reload for a Garand
12.Dirty Harry's .44
13.implement of Ultima Ratio Regum
15.needed loading once per week, they said
17.USA's gun violence capital
18.handgun of the Old West
21.turns every bang
23.what a stud
25.squeeze, don't pull
27.crossing targets, high and low
31.Glock calls it home
32.fired cartridge's last act
33.rifle's business end
34.invented to simulate pheasant hunting
36.a.k.a. a shotgun
39.federal firearms -------
40.holds your pants up or rounds together
41.deer's head logo
43.Asian shotgun maker for Browning, for awhile
44.M1911 was made for them
46.Must be 21 to buy
48.rifle that looks scary
49.Ruger's partner today
54.hand-cycled shotgun
55.round often used when hunting deer

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