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Nat's Puzzle

Nathaniel McLeggon

1   2    
3   4 5
7             8        
  9             10
12           13    
14   15           16    
    17       18 19
20       21                
23               24 25      
  27     28            
29                 30  
    31 32       33    
34             35 36                      
37         38              
39     40            
41                   42                
    43           44        
45             46  
  47               48                      

1.a Brazilian Dance
7.Yellow Cheese
8.Coniferous and Deciduous are types of "_____"
9.The fuel for nuclear energy
12.Words commonly used among teenagers
14.The most common herb used in cooking
21.The new generation of phones run this IOS
22.The tedious downside to getting gifts for people. is "________" them.
23.one of the biggest computer companies
25.a Canadian e-reader company
26.Walmart's Brand
28.He's gonna find out who's "_______" or nice.
29.A Carbonated fruit juice is referred to as "_________"
32.a lie detector is used to figure out a persons "_______"
34.A warm bed-sheet material
35.in order for a remote to control multiple things, it needs to be able to emit multiple "________"
38.What doesn't kill you makes you "stronger"
40.stereotyped sheep noise
41.Wray & Nephew "_________" Rum
42.referred to as "the crossword game without clues"
43.The passed genius behind "Apple" (surname)
44.the biggest artery in the human body
47.A tank that is Delightful to look at but a pain to clean
48.know as the "moth orchid"
49.a nice warm beverage to start your day
50.Copper is a good conductor of this
51.a flying contraption with two propellers (not adjacent)
2.The nanny with a magical walking stick
3.Scientific Prefix for orca
4.a fast web browser available for Mac and PC Users
5.What goes up but never goes down?
6.Circuit "_______"
10.A Common BBQ food that comes in Many different kinds
11.Popular computer graphics company
13.A Great surface for kitchen countertops
15.the main detective in the novel" the hound of the Baskervilles"
16.He Did it!
17.open the floodgates of "______"
18.Canada's sport
19.on a cruise ship, many people go to this deck to relax and tan
20.The trombone that "______" like a trumpet
24.an Asian puzzle game where you have to remove layered tiles
27.Sharing the name with a computer part, this kitchen gadget it good for preparing food
30.GMT= "_________" mean time
31.The scientific Term for baking soda is Sodium "___________"
33.The slim sister of spaghetti
36.The fictional mouse who can cook has the same name as this Mediterranean Dish
37.Your Ear is mainly made up of this
39.you hear the "____" slam, and realize there's nowhere left to run...
46."_____" is a necessity for all life on earth

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