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DNA structure/replication

Mrs. VH

1 2 3 4 5
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6.twisted ladder
8.these are made of genes
10.adenine and guanine
11.new strand of DNA saves one of the original strands
12.the sugar in mRNA
13.the nucleus is called these because it is in charge of everything in the cell
17.one of the substances that makes up the backbone of the DNA
18.thymine and cytosine
20.one of the two organelles that has its own DNA
23.A pairs with T and G pairs with C
26.used X-rays to look at DNA
28.if the original strand is TGGACCTGA, what would the new strand be
29.the nitrogen bases make up this part of the ladder
30.DNA is too big to fit through these
31.mRNA has this base that DNA does not
1.pairs with thymine
2.consists of a N-base, a sugar, and a phosphate
3.what DNA stands for
4.one of the two organelles that has its own DNA
5.one of the substances that makes up the backbone of DNA
7.part of DNA that does code for a protein
9.these hold the two nitrogen bases together
14.organelle where proteins are made
15.replication occurs during this part of mitosis
16.DNA controls the production of these
19.DNA is a type of this because it was first found in the nucleus
20.pairs with guanine
21.mRNA has this many strands
22.determined the # of A=T and G=C
24.part of DNA that does not code for a protein
25.a segment of DNA that codes for a protein
27.the part of the backbone that the nitrogen bases attach to

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